Client Testimonials

I am honored to have so many loyal and appreciative clients.  Building and maintaining a close relationship with each client is the foundation of my business.  I am pleased to have created many positive real estate experiences with my clients.  Their satisfaction and peace of mind are the ultimate reward for my work.

Below are just a few examples of the nice things that clients say about me.

Our realtor, Leanna Scott of Keller Williams Silicon City, is truly amazing.  When we decided to sell our house in Gilroy, we contacted Leanna to help us.  From then on, Leanna worked tirelessly and intelligently in planning the meticulous preparation of the house, the timing of the listing of the house, advertisements, and a series of open houses.  It’s truly amazing to see a professional realtor at work.  Our house was listed on April 12 and on April 21 Leanna sorted out, summarized and explained to us all of the offers, and we signed an agreement with the buyer.

The short period of the selling process and the price at which it was sold was truly remarkable, thanks to Leanna.

Reynaldo & Janice

Leanna recently helped me purchase a condo in Sunnyvale.  She was invaluable throughout the process, both during the search, and when making the offer and closing the deal.  With her help, we were able to quickly find a property that satisfied all my requirements and make an offer, which was accepted.  When closing the deal, Leanna oversaw the entire process, making sure that all parties involved in the transaction played their role.  When the bank made a mistake with the processing of the loan and the deal came close to falling through, Leanna acted decisively to save it.

She was professional, patient, accessible and transparent throughout the whole process and I would strongly recommend hiring her services as a real estate agent.


Selling one’s home is always a challenging & stressful time. There’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of effort in preparing your home. I did not even know where to begin. This is how my relationship with Leanna started. Leanna took the time to look at and understand my situation and what I wanted to accomplish. She then went about assembling the team of people and the step-by-step plan that would accomplish the goal of selling my home.

There was a lot to do, and Leanna got it all done with what seemed to me as effortless. She got all the paperwork assembled. She got all the contractors that were going to work on improvements and inspections. She set up the schedules for showing the house. In less than 30 days, my San Jose home looked entirely different and much improved and ready to show. And all the paperwork was done. My home sold in less than two weeks with terms that were far better than I had expected.

It is Leanna’s attention to detail and the impeccable way in which she does her work that makes the difference.  More importantly, it is the relationships she had with all the people on her team that made things flow so effortlessly.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, your trust will not be misplaced in working with Leanna. She will always give you her best effort and keep you informed.

Leanna operates with integrity which results in a peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Ulan N.

Leanna Scott did a great job at launching us into the complex world of being a first-time home-buyer.  We had already signed a contract with a brand new condo, but I was getting cold feet, so I googled realtors in my area.  Leanna’s name came up, and I gave her a call.  After dealing with the condo realtors, I was refreshed to find that Leanna was different.  She was honest, up front, and allowed me to ask all the questions I had, and she had answers.  She also kept me up to date on every new development and allowed us to add our own touches to each contract so that it said exactly what we wanted to say to each party.  You want a realtor who is willing to call you when things change, and Leanna will keep you informed of everything.

There will be problems with the home-buying process – every place is different, and there are so many parties and factors that can affect your purchase.  So you don’t want your realtor, your representative throughout the whole process, to be one of those problems.  I have fond memories of Leanna taking us through the more difficult times, coaching us when we needed it, and letting us make the big decisions when it was up to us to do that.

We ended up getting just the right place for our needs, with room to expand!  It has been over a year since I worked with her on buying our house, and I still have fond memories of the experience, because we have stories to tell and we still keep in contact with Leanna.

Do yourself a favor and talk to Leanna!

Nathan G.

Leanna was our real estate agent in a recent home purchase.  We were very pleased with her organization, attention to detail, and foresight to ensure we were laying out a sound strategy with proper planning and preparation to minimize complications in the process.  Since we were new to the area, we relied on Leanna to help us calibrate to the local market and educate us in all aspects.  Leanna took care to summarize options for us while planning our strategy, and to point out what choices would be in our interest.  Since we were buying in a fast-paced market some aspects weren’t always obvious.

Her performance was exceptional; I highly recommend Leanna as your real estate agent!

Matt M.

We are so glad we chose Leanna to help us sell our house in Sunnyvale.  We found her through a co-worker who’d worked with her in the past.  We interviewed 3 agents and we were especially impressed by Leanna’s professionalism and knowledge of the area.  She made the selling process almost effortless.  She managed all the work that had to be done to the home before putting on it on the market and our home looked amazing.  We couldn’t believe it could look like that.  We had hundreds of people come to our open houses and got seven offers, all of them well over asking price.

We couldn’t be happier.

Lisa & Mark M.

My wife and I went to an open house and that is where we met Leanna Scott, the selling agent.  We called a week later to inquire about our offer on this house and Leanna told us that is was bought.  Leanna talked with us and asked us questions, she was extremely sincere, easy to talk with, and her integrity really shined through. We decided to have her as our agent.

My wife and I were looking for a single family home in the Berryessa area of San Jose. Throughout our house search, Leanna was always easy-going, accommodating, thorough, and honest – qualities that are difficult to find in many agents.  Because we were first time home buyers, Leanna worked with us every step of the way, answering our questions and offering assistance whenever we needed it.  Now we have our house thanks to Leanna, who still calls to see how we are doing every now and then.

We had a great, positive experience working with Leanna.


We met Leanna at an open house in Santa Clara when she listed our neighbor’s house.  We were immediately impressed by how nice the house looked (we knew what the house looked like before) and the marketing she did to draw in a huge crowd of people.  There was great food, music and lots of energy; It felt like a party!  She got great results for our neighbor so we decided to have her list our home.  And we are glad we did.  She and her team (painter, decorator, landscaper, handyman, etc.) worked like clockwork to get the house to look its best.  I was so relieved that I didn’t have to worry about any of that.

Our house received many great offers, and we couldn’t believe the amazing price we ultimately received.  We were blown away!  During the escrow, we had a few issues with the buyer and Leanna handled them perfectly.  We really felt that she was always watching out for us, and we trusted her wholeheartedly.  

Leanna really earned her commission and we’d recommend her to anyone who needs to sell their home.

Juan and Anna G.

Leanna did a phenomenal job at selling my house in Mountain View, and then buying a new home in Sunnyvale. It was a whirlwind of a process but Leanna pulled it off.  I was so stressed and apprehensive about doing all of this while working full time.  I met Leanna and saw right away that she was so experienced, knowledgeable and organized.  I was confident that it would all work out. So I decided to put my house on the market and started looking for my new home. I gave her the key to my house and within about three weeks she and her team transformed it into a model home.

My home sold so quickly that I was afraid that I may not have enough time to find another home but Leanna negotiated a 75 day rent back for me which gave me time to find my new home.  On the buying side Leanna worked tirelessly to find my new home. On the 2nd offer I got the new home and was so ecstatic.  It was the perfect home for me and Leanna did an amazing job of making a strong offer.  Our offer beat out 5 others, even though ours wasn’t the highest bid!

I can’t imagine what it would have been like going through the process of selling and buying without Leanna on our side.

Felicia S.

I was referred to Leanna Scott by another agent when I was looking at condos in San Jose.  I really what I wanted to buy a house in Santa Clara, but I didn’t think I could afford it.  Then I met Leanna. What a great experience this has been.  I signed papers for my new home last week and couldn’t be happier.  It is exactly what I wanted.

Working with Leanna has been a joy.  She has an incredibly positive attitude and all along the way she kept telling me I would find the house I wanted.  I made a couple offers on other homes and they didn’t pan out.  I must admit, I had reservations in one way or another about each of them.  Not this one.  Leanna was right.  We found just what I wanted.  Leanna is trustworthy, diligent, focused, thoughtful, positive and knowledgeable.  I couldn’t recommend Leanna more if you are looking to buy or sell a home.  

You will be rewarded with an easy process because Leanna takes away all your worries.

Kathy H.

My wife and I worked with Leanna Scott to buy a house in Sunnyvale.  We are so impressed by the overall service we received along many dimensions.  Leanna was great at finding & surfacing options that were particularly good value for money in this highly competitive market.  She worked incredibly hard, often times really late at night, to write offers on really short timelines and provided great advice on structuring offers.  She was patient, advised us on many aspects of the home buying process, and was really pleasant to work with.  

Leanna far exceeded our expectations and we would confidently recommend her to any buyer.